This week I did my best job trying to replicate eve from wallie in fusion 360. I also wrote code to make a grid of shapes that raised in it’s certain color.

Fusion logo

This week I designed the fusion logo on fusion 360. It was decently easy but very tedious feeling. I also wrote some code using the slider function on open processing. I made it so there where a bunch of dots that changed color, stroke color, and stroke thickness when the slider changed.

Clock in Roll

This week I was able to code a clock that went with our current time. Also I made circles that border lines thicken when the time gets longer. Then I also was able to design my own nerf bullet in fusion. Next though I think I want to do some research and design a nerf…

Moving gears

this week I learned a new way to make gears without circles lines and the circular pattern feature. I learned how to correctly use one of the motion or joint component features, which I have been having trouble with figuring out. I also non gear related learned more on the open processing line coding.

Week 6 of work

thus week I finished the final step in making the canoe, I also added on to the code with the blue dog to make the eyes move with the mouse. The final canoe now also looks good with the inner and outer components completely done.

Week 5 of work

I have been working on the code and the fusion work over this week and I was able to finish the code quite easily and figured out how to better use the fill features while doing it. Though so far on the part 2 for the canoe I can’t get the thickness to work if…


This week I was working on part one of multiple in the making of a canoe. Making it was pretty straightforward but it was helpful because I was able to use tools that I haven’t used before. Working on this also taught me how to use certain tools in different ways.


This week have have also spent a lot of time working on making a lampshade on fusion 360. I thought that the lampshade wouldn’t end up looking so goo but it turned out looking just fine.

Open processing #2

this week I have been working on coding on open processing and making a code that makes a bunch of different words popping up all over the place. I have got it to have random words pop up all over the place but I can’t seem to make the area it is in bigger. Also…